Sarita Udhyan

Sarita Udhyan, as it is also located in Sector 9. (Ref. Figure 2-3)

  • Main approach to the park is from GH road and road No. 7
  • Area : Approximately 7,573 Sq M.

Concept of Landscape Design:

  • Sector 9 garden in a very close vicinity of Sarita Udhyan, as it is also located in Sector 9.
  • Sarita Udyan being most visited park by tourists also.
  • This becomes an excellent opportunity to develop sector 9 garden as Neighbourhood garden to serve the residents of sector 9 .
  • Sector 9 garden will serve to the daily recreational demand of residents. This park will accommodate means of recreation including fitness gadgets for all age groups.

Landscape Features based on concept:


  • Senior Citizens

Pavilion for Meditation, Yoga & Group talks: Covered Pavilion to be designed that can accommodate group of senior citizens to practice yoga, hold group talks or to play group games.

  • Family & Kids:

Sand Pit: Sand play can be the perfect opportunity to develop of the minds and bodies of children. Sand offers an opportunity to explore and experiment in a safe and inviting environment. Sand pit to be introduced in the garden as it is a soothing and entertaining activity for children.

Floor Games: Floor games such as Snake & Ladder, Tic-Tac-Toe, Hopscotch installed on the floor surface to provide a fun alternative for other playground games. This also improve children’s motor skills and help them learn how to play and work together.

Play Equipments: Play equipments including swings, slides, see-saw to be installed in the kid‟s play area. This area can be used to engage kids of different age groups visiting the park with parents

More Info:

More Info: